amvo வைரஸ் அழிப்பது எப்படி?

Windows sucks! Big time! I feel sorry to say that despite learning computers and related technologies, 90% of the computer science engineering students in India or esp. this part of the nation, are still scared of trying their hands on some good open source operating systems like Linux, Open Solaris, BSD, etc.
Anyhow, that’s entirely one’s own choice!
But I’ve got a news for all my friends and dear ones who are happy to stick around with Bill gates! I’m sure most of the college guys use their pen drives/ USB hard drives, etc. to transfer movies, videos, etc. across different PCs running on MS Windows. A common problem they face is of viruses which travels fast and easy. One of them is the amvo or apvo virus which has symptoms of creating an “autorun.exe” for drives and disabling “view hidden files and folders option”. It also slows down the copying rate to and from USB drives.
I’ve seen people formatting their OS, using the restoration disk, downloading antivirus softwares and then their cracks over websites!
But now, there is no such silly TO-DOs!
I’m here with a one-click removal tool of all such viruses. I’m giving you all a script in VB which you just need to download and double click! Sit back and see your drives get cleaned! I hope it works for all you MS Windows users out there. Click here to download the tool.

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